How time flies! Care Haven is marching into its’ 4th year of operation. These past three years have been filled with both joy and sadness. I remember clearly my first year at Care Haven-what a baptism of fire! We started from ground zero. With many setbacks, friends advised me to leave. But time and again, I pondered on what motivated me to commit into children’s welfare service – yes, it’s my commitment to the Lord, and also to the children. Witnessing what each child went through before they reached our doorstep, , I reaffirmed my promise to walk them through darkness into light.

Behind each admitted child is a sad life story. One could only imagine it to be a cinematic plot unlikely to happen in reality. They deserve not life’s hardships and trauma at such tender age. They know they should seek for happiness and joy.

I am often overwhelmed when I see their laughter, and find comfort in knowing that it is well worth my efforts and sacrifices. True happiness does not lie in how much wealth one accumulates nor about social standing. More importantly, it is about whether we treasure those around us. As such, I am very thankful to my family who constantly supports my work at Care Haven. And also my gratitude to Love’s Thoughts who gave us support when it’s needed most. Lastly, thank you Xiao Huai, for you said you would stand by me and walked me through joy and sadness. I hope to see the children bear fruits in their character development, and look forward to grooming successors from among them to pass on this torch!