Green Smile Natural Edu Farm charity fundraising dinner

CARE HAVEN’s Green Smile Project will begin construction this year is due to:

- The owner of the house where Care Haven is situated is declaring to sell the house. So Care Haven have no choice but to relocate.
- The approval to begin construction on our land in Kota Tinggi is approved by the City Council therefore construction is approved.
- Cost of the construction for “Green Smile Natural Edu Farm” is high, the approximate construction cost is about RM 1.8 million which includes: the dormitories, canteen, activity or classroom, multi-purpose court and a parking lot.

Therefore, in order to start the construction phase of Green Smile Project, we have decided to organise a fundraising dinner event early next year. The event will be held at Restaurant Pekin Johor Jaya(1, Jalan Masai Bahru, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor) on the sixth day of March 2020 (Friday, 06.03.2020).

In order to raise the funds needed to start the construction of the “Green Smile Natural Edu Farm”, we hope to have your support once again, as the children of Care Haven needs your help and your support for their hopes in building their dream home.