We hope to organize a team of volunteers, regardless of each other, work together to provide care for the unfortunate, and work ogether to create a society full of love and interaction.

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The Care Haven relies on confidence, love and enthusiasm to help the needs of the disadvantaged groups in society.

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The forest is a reservoir of nature. It saves the water drop by drop; The same is true of love, through everyone who is willing to give love, The accumulation of this love can become a huge treasure trove. For the benefit of more people.

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"We provide holistic and quality care to the needy."

Our Center :

Care Haven Children Home is a charitable organization that provides care, assisted-upbringing, as well as full-lodging services for the less fortunate children. Care Haven was established in August 2003. We are located at Masai, Johor Bahru. The centre is also a Christian organization. Our focus is to create a community of love and care.

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